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Why Rishikesh Is Best for Yoga Teacher Training

Rishikesh and yoga have been synonymous with each other since quite a long time. It has now earned the designation of being the capital of yoga in the world. The serene atmosphere with hills and greenery all around complements yoga training. Anyone who wants to gain in depth, correct knowledge about yoga and its principles should definitely opt for Rishikesh as the leaning centre. The yoga training schools there have expert and experienced faculty along with other amenities. Spirituality combined with expert training make Rishikesh the ideal destination for yoga training.

It is also located at a very convenient location in the state of Uttarakhand. From the capital Dehradun which is also the nearest airport, it is a forty five minutes drive only. Thus it makes it easy for leaning enthusiasts from all over the world to fly down here for their training. It is true that many well known personalities have come out of the training schools of Rishikesh and have taken over the world.

Following is the lists of factors which make Rishikesh the number one destination for learning yoga-

What makes Rishikesh special?

Yoga is not just about performing some asanas but it is an amalgamation of the mind, body and soul. Entire body has to be streamlined to practice yoga efficiently. One needs to learn the right breathing technique, correct posturing combined with alertness of mind to perform yoga correctly. It is much more complex exercise than the ones performed routinely and brings about overall change in the personality of an individual. Such a kind of overhaul would require the right atmosphere and attention. This is where Rishikesh comes into play by origin ding the yogi environment to people. No Toxic substance is allowed in the city be it alcohol, cigarettes or non vegetarian food items. The positive vibes offered by this place encourage the learner inside everyone. All these factors make it the number one destination for the learners.

The well known name in the field of yoga teacher training, Siddha Yoga Peeth is situated in Rishikesh. Be it a beginner waiting to get introduced to the world of yoga or people aspiring to gain superior training there is something for everyone in the holy land of Rishikesh.

Structuring the Career Path: Yoga as a career option is now very much in demand. Yoga teachers are now employed in schools and colleges, many corporate also conduct yoga sessions for the well being of their employees. Besides this their demand in the fitness industry is rapidly rising. All this makes it a lucrative career option financially and also comes with the perks of good health.

Completing yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is a must for joining as a teacher anywhere. Siddha Yoga Peeth is certified and well recognized. They also offer placement guidance to the students. All these factors make the yoga training institution Siddha Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh the top institutions in India.

Learn Yoga From The Experts Themselves

Rishikesh is known as the yoga capital of the world because of its superior quality of teacher and training practices. Rishikesh is also the birth place of the art of yoga. In the ancient and medieval age saints practiced the various asana and meditation in this holy land. The essence has been carried on for years now and is getting passed from generation to generation. The Vedic knowledge of yoga has traveled far and wide from this spiritual place.

The trainers have incorporated the simple and ascetic lifestyle to practice yoga in its true sense to incur the true benefits. Ancient Gurukul ashrams are still maintained and running. Teachers are true to their art and incorporate such principles in their students also. The meaning of yoga which is the union or oneness of body and soul has been realized by the teachers.

The faculty in such training institutions are not only well known in India but abroad also. Most of them are invited for lectures in seminars all across the globe due to their years of experience and talent. It is an absolute honor and joy to learn from people who are well acquainted with the oldest and most authentic nuances of the science of yoga.

Specialty of Training

Yoga teacher training institutes in Rishikesh are known for Quality of their teaching methods. Expert and experienced team of teachers conduct classes for the students. Interactive classes are conducted where practical as well as theoretical knowledge is provided to the students. Classes on the subjects of basic human anatomy and physiology are taken. Teachers are ready to listen to students, understand and clear all their queries.Techniques of meditation, various breathing exercises are also taught to the students. Certified teachers guide the students under them to perform all asanas with the correct posture and angles. The science and logical reasoning behind each asana is also also explained to the students.

The team of teachers are not just well versed with the subject of yoga but are also capable to teach every student in the way best for them. One model fits all approach is not employed in teaching. Student centric way of teaching methods is used making the yoga training school in Rishikesh world famous for their techniques. Attention is paid to each and every student so that they learn the skills which will help them in future both personally and professionally.

Live The Way you want!

Rishikesh can accommodate people from all kinds of social brackets. From special resorts for yoga learners in the training schools to simple and affordable Aashrams there are plenty of options to choose from. The most popular Siddha Yoga Peeth Aashram is also a very popular tourist destination and witnessed people in huge numbers throughout the year. Thus one can visit Rishikesh and spend their time and money as they desire leading all the Vedic principles of yoga including hatha, Kalam and Bhakti yoga.

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