21 Days Detox and Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India

Imagine Experience learning the art of yoga surrounded by Lush green valleys and majestic Himalayas. Our unhealthy lifestyle requires us to detoxify our body from time to time. Rishikesh is the place to be when one wants to learn the yoga along with the other naturopathic practices. All of this is not only healthy for the body but also brings clarity of thoughts. Yoga along with detoxification will help the learners to relax, rejuvenate and spend time with their own self. Following this 21 Days Detox and Yoga Retreat program the learners will come back thoroughly refreshed and ready to take on life again. The major attraction of the program includes

  • Daily classes of yoga and meditation twice a day
  • Naturopathy sessions along with clean and healthy meals
  • Learning the many forms of yoga
  • One day of Rishikesh outing
  • Accompanied for twenty days
  • Seven sessions of Massage

All of this will be taught in basic Hindi and English language.


Siddha Yoga Peeth offers the stunning view of the Himalayas along with holy Ganga flowing nearby. One bedroom fully furnished flats which overlook the beaut scenery are available for stay. The room has almirah, beds with bedding, tables, attached bathrooms along with 24/7 wifi connection. Everything that one requires for a comfortable stay is available here. The place is well connected to the nearest railway station and airport.

21 Days Yoga retreat program

This 21 Days Detox and Yoga Retreat program in Rishikesh will make one learn detoxification along with yoga. With a complete package of healthy meals, one will feel their body and mind unwinding and relaxing. It is a one of a kind experience which will change the way a person thinks and feel. Daily practice will help an individual in gaining perspective in life and will lead to a peaceful union of mind, body and soul. One will also learn the benefits of eating healthy food. It will bring an overall change in the personality of an individual and the way in which they see and understand things. Both classical and modern ways of health care will be taught to the students to make their life longer and healthier.

Daily mediation will help an individual to better manage the daily stress and tensions of the everyday life. One will learn to take better control of their behavior. Individuals can get the Yoga detox retreats in Rishikesh as customized to utilize the maximum benefit out of it. The practice of various asanas will make one’s body fit and flexible. The program Siddha Yoga Peeth will lay the foundation of a healthy and stable life for one and all.


Shailendra Shivananda: He started studying various forms of astrology and numerology from the age of 2. He completed his college and decided to got to Rishikesh to study yoga. He started leaning under the guidance of Baba Shivananda and continued to master this art.

Yudhishther Paul: He is a leading yoga personality of yoga in India. He is famous for conducting various yoga camps and sessions for people of all age groups. He is also heads the prestigious International Naturopathy Organization, which is the biggest and most famous NGO for yoga and naturopathy.

Om Dwivedi: Om Dwivedi started learning yoga at the tender age of 14. He started his journey in the year 1990 under the able guidance of a guru. He conducts yoga workshop all over the world and also own a yoga studio in Rishikesh.


At siddhayogapeeth.com completely healthy and organic meals are provided to the learners three times a day. Pure vegetarian means and juices are provided everyday to the students.

How to Reach

It is very convenient to reach Siddha Yoga Peeth by means of char, bus, train or flight. Dehradun airport is situated nearby at a distance of 15 kms. When can catch both public and private buses to reach here along with taxis. There are many train running from Delhi for Rishikesh daily.

For more information. Mail us at info@siddhayogapeeth.com. now!